Adjust Consulting

Adjust Consulting is a well-known name in the purchasing consultancy world. Korper ICT and Adjust Consulting work together on several levels—not only do we maintain the Adjust website, we are also regularly called in to collaborate on consultancy projects that Adjust is working on for other organisations. Korper ICT is then responsible for the operational part of carrying out purchasing scans, e-procurement projects and comparing suppliers.

Link: Adjust consulting

Amsterdam's Scootercity

In twelve years time, Amsterdam's Scootercity has grown to become the largest scooter dealer in the Netherlands. From their shop in Amsterdam-Zuid, 25 employees sell and provide maintenance for thousands of scooters, mopeds, and motor scooters each year.

Since Korper ICT began operations, Amsterdam's Scootercity has been a loyal customer. Korper ICT provides Amsterdam’s Scootercity with nearly all of the services we have on offer. We are responsible for all on- and offline marketing, the system administration and the website. Additionally, Korper ICT provides Amsterdam's Scootercity with indispensable management information each month.

Link: Amsterdam's Scootercity


Aviko was founded in 1962 and has been a subsidiary of Royal Cosun since 2002. Aviko is the second largest potato processing company in Europe and the fourth largest worldwide.

On multiple occasions, Korper ICT has worked on purchasing projects for Aviko. Among the projects we assisted with was the quest for the best packaging supplier and locating and purchasing new equipment for making chips/fries.

Link: Aviko


Bolsius is a family owned company which produces various types of candles, like tealights and rustic candles. With over 900 employees Bolsius exports their products to over 50 countries and still grows thanks to ensuring high quality.

Korper ICT advises Bolsius on complex business process automation issues.

Link: Bolsius

Braver Investments

Braver Investments is an investment company founded in 2011 by two successful Dutch entrepreneurs. They mainly use their own assets in their investment activities.

Braver Investments has outsourced all IT services (web design, workplace and email management) to Korper ICT.

Link: Braver Investments


Canon is one of the biggest names in multifunctionals, copiers, printers, fax, photography and video equipment.

Korper ICT built a system for Canon that makes it possible to easily select the best transportation service based on the weight and destination of the package in question. The Excel sheet that makes these calculations processes more than 100,000 bits of data in order to determine the best service provider for each and every package size and destination. This saves Canon hundreds of thousands of Euros on an annual basis.

Link: Canon Europe


Creco is the Netherlands’ largest supplier of moped and scooter parts.

Korper ICT provides Creco with IT hardware and support and is also responsible for automating the customer order system with the help of Automate.

Link: Creco


Florigo is a trustworthy and concerned partner in the potato and vegetable processing sector in more than 80 countries around the globe. Florigo International has been recognized for its ability to support its clients in their ambition to increase capacity, improve quality and boost efficiency.

Florigo has outsourced all IT services (workplace and email management) to Korper ICT.

Link: Florigo


Framewerk makes independent films and helps organisations to communicate visually. Framewerk carries out research, drafts scenarios and concepts and then fleshes these out into audiovisual products. Their work varies from documentaries to journalistic reports, commercials, promos and animation.

For Framewerk, Korper ICT completed a technical translation, switching their website from Flash to HTML5.

Link: Framewerk

Gennie Freen Producties

Gennie Freen Producties is the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to developing and coordinating discount programs. Nearly all of the listed companies in the Netherlands make use of Gennie Freen Producties discount calendars, planners and customised discount coupons.

Korper ICT manages the registration and administration of the Gennie Freen Producties domain portfolio.

Link: Gennie Freen Producties


Hillbrook is a knowledgeable partner in the complicated world of expats and taxes.

Korper ICT takes care of Hillbrook’s entire IT infrastructure, including system administration, support and all related consultancy.

Link: Hillbrook

At customers can order tickets for activities in the Netherlands, regardless of whether it is a ticket for a movie, a concert or a museum. All tickets are within easy reach.

Korper ICT is an investor and technical adviser at



Kymco is one of the Netherlands’ largest scooter brands.

In order to optimise the sale of scooters, Korper ICT created a system that compares current stock inventories with contracts Kymco Nederland has with dealers. This is carried out through a link with the RDW, made possible by Automate. Korper ICT is also responsible for the design, maintenance and hosting of Kymco’s website.

Link: Kymco

Liberty Global

Liberty Global is the largest international cable company with operations in 14 countries, of which 12 in the EU. They connect people to the digital world and currently they have 27 million customers. In addition, they offered Wi-Fi service across six million access points.

Korper ICT provides training and support for the Automate Enterprise (Former Automate BPA Server) Installation of Liberty Global. We also act as a consultant when internal knowledge is not sufficient.

Link: Liberty Global


Rijkswaterstaat is the operational arm of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. It is commissioned by the minister and the state secretary with building, managing and developing the main infrastructural networks in the Netherlands.

Korper ICT designed and rolled out a tool that makes it possible to take an inventory of all purchasing projects currently ongoing at the Rijkswaterstaat and to automatically bundle this information for use in an annual report. This report is used by the ministry in order to maintain a clear overview of current and future projects.

In addition, Korper ICT provided project management services for the development, construction and implementation of an application used in requesting tenders from engineering firms.

Link: Rijkswaterstaat


SNS has been around for nearly 200 years and is a bank where the customer services and products yield immediate benefits, such as savings and checking accounts with interest. They have more than 200 stores throughout the Netherlands. SNS’s mission is to make banking for customers as simple and pleasant as possible.

Korper ICT delivers, installs and manages the complete Automate Enterprise (Former Automate BPA Server) and GlobalScape EFT environments of SNS bank NV. This installation handles all the communication between SNS and their partners when it comes to file sharing. Payments between SNS and other banks are our responsibility as well.

Read the Case Study about SNS and Automate

Link: SNS

Van Oord

Van Oord is a global player and a leading contractor that handles dredging, hydraulic engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind). Van Oord is an innovative partner that has been contributing to the infrastructure of tomorrow for more than one hundred years.

In addition to providing Excel consultancy services, Korper ICT has facilitated Excel training programs focused on purchasing. This program helps buyers to take full advantage of the software they have at their fingertips.

Link: Van Oord

Vivat verzekeringen

Vivat Verzekeringen encompasses one asset manager and five insurance brands: Zwitserleven, Reaal, Routemobil, Zelf and Proteq Dier & Zorg. They have been helping customers to become more financially self-reliant for 150 years.

Korper ICT handled the migration and integration of Automate 9 and BPA 9 into one Automate Enterprise 10 (Former Automate BPA Server) installation.

Link: Vivat Verzekeringen