Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Your organization generates large amounts of data on a daily basis. These data, in the form of files, must occasionally or regularly be sent from A to B. This seems to be a simple process, but when it influences critical processes for the business or concerns sensitive data it is extremely important that this happens very precise and in a reliable way. Korper ICT is specialized in this area, which is also known as Managed File Transfer or MFT. Large and small organizations ask us to improve their file exchanges on a daily basis. We have raised the standard with the use of our self-developed system. A good MFT system, in our opinion, meets the following requirements:


The security of the data that are transferred from A to B are often essential for your organization. You should be able to rely for a 100% on the fact that data on route between A and B can’t be intercepted, viewed or modified. We can transfer data, automatically, within secured protocols. We can also automatically encrypt and decrypt files using PGP and Secure ZIP.


We are opposed to priority systems. Our system is open and uses protocols and standards that have been used for years and have an open nature. For example FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMB / CIFS and Webservices. Through this open character, it is easy to connect your systems, safely, to systems of third parties. The practical knowledge we have gained from our customers in the field of advanced FTP, SFTP and FTS exchanges are unique in the Dutch and European market.  


Our clients demand that their file transfers are totally auditable. This means that each part of the transaction is logged extensively. It is at any time possible for the client to see whether a file has been uploaded, downloaded, transferred, copied or deleted. It is also possible to see where and by whom this is done if, for example when a third party retrieves or places a file. Furthermore, it is of course possible (by means of automated hashing) to see whether a file, once it has arrived at its destination, has the exact same content as at the source,

High performance

You want your files to arrive at their destination as soon as possible, or to enter into your systems as soon as possible. Our system uses few resources and can easily automate connections with hundreds of parties. By using different triggering mechanisms, we can build processes for you real-time or near-real-time. Our system can respond to ten triggers, including schedules, database triggers and file triggers. 

Easy to implement

Often, our customers contact us when they are already in trouble. This may be due to manual interventions in the process, an increase in the number of transfers, pressure from the business or a not well-functioning third party. It is therefore important that the solution can be implemented at short notice. Our system can be implemented within 1 to 3 days, depending on the requirements of the client.


The system must be able to deal with every scenario of the client. Whether it concerns an in-company or a third party transfer, large or small files, a lot or a few files, the system needs to be able to handle all these scenarios without much difficulty.

Easy to manage

Making and keeping a wide variety of file transfers manageable is a challenge that many organizations struggle with. Our user friendly software ensure that hundreds of different links can be managed by one person. This is because the entire process is automated. 

Easy to trace errors

Within every process something can go wrong at times. What is important, is that an administrator becomes aware of this instantly and that he can see what went wrong within seconds. Our experience is that administrators using our system are the first to know that something has gone wrong, almost always know what the cause was and are already working to resolve it as soon as the telephone rings or a ticket is submitted by the involved parties.

Whether it is about sending payment files from banks, patient data from a hospital or sales data from a scooter importer, we have the experience. Our 10 years of experience in this field, in virtually every vertical, ensures that we can give you advice like no one else can and are able to help you with realizing your MFT wish.

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Excel For Management Information

Ultimately, Excel is mostly used to provide management with indispensable information. Usually organisations can indicate what their KPIs are, but in some cases, we also advise an organisation concerning what KPIs might be most useful for them.

The list below outlines a few examples of how we have helped organisations in gathering management information:

  • Purchasing optimisation for a manufacturer of imaging products
  • Generating an overview and report for all purchases for a ministry of state
  • Sales analysis for a retail organisation
  • Effectiveness ratings for a large work place