Automate Consultancy

Automate Professional Services

Although Automate is extremely user friendly, it is possible that you are looking for a second opinion, more resources for building workflows or an audit. Our employees have a lot of experience with Automate and Automate Enterprise (Former Automate BPA Server) in almost all verticals and can help you along. We advise organizations with 1 to 10,000 employees about their business process automation and IT automation on a daily basis. 

Automate Training

For people who want to make the most of Automate or Automate Enterprise (Former Automate BPA Server), we offer various online and on-site training sessions. The courses range from one to three days and ensure that you and your colleagues can apply more automation and faster to the processes within your organization. For those who have never worked with the product, a training provides them with the experience that they would otherwise would only have gained after six months.

Below you’ll find an example of the agenda of a Automate Enterprise (Former Automate BPA Server) course:

  • What is Automate and what can you do with it?
  • Examples of other organizations
  • Which possibilities are available?
  • Set up and best practices
  • Components of the software
  • What are tasks actions and triggers?
  • My First Task
  • Variables and their use
  • Available actions
  • Practice: Web interaction
  • Practice: Excel
  • Practice: Query
  • Automate Enterprise (Former Automate BPA Server) options, settings and reporting
  • Practice: E-mail
  • Practice: Web services
  • Practical Case